The Freedom of Being

Ever since I was a child I loved to organize. I would organize my room so that everything was in the right and most efficient place. I would organize blocks and Construx into buildings, forts and expansive designs. Everywhere I would go I would see how to order my environment and experience of the world. To me organization brings order which allows peace, clarity, purpose, directness to be brought forth with the greatest of ease.

I have explored the far side of extreme order where I would get into analysis paralysis or perhaps more aptly stated organization paralysis. I have also gone through times where I have completely let go of organization and allowed myself to live in chaos, disorder and flow without structure.

By giving myself the freedom to explore the extremes of both of these side I have developed the ability to feel into the experience, the desire outcome and surrounding circumstances to bring forward the right mix of organization and disorder in how I construct my reality.

I see that one of the greatest ways to express the freedom available to every individual is to give yourself permission to explore the other side and full range of any way of being. In doing so you are able to make micro energetic distinctions though the wisdom of experience that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

How can you truly know freedom and how free you really are if you haven’t given yourself the freedom and permission to explore all ways of being?

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