Success Without Stress: A New Work Paradigm

When I first started out in the business world, I worked really hard. I was focused and driven to make things happen. Why? Because I believed the rule that you have to work hard in order to be successful.

Recently, however, I realized how crazy it felt to be putting so much pressure on myself and took a different track. Over the past year I’ve stepped into a new place where I don’t focus on how much or how hard I’m working or even the results that are being created but on how good what I am doing feels to my body. I’ve gotten so in tune with doing what inspires me and following my heart that the things I do no longer feel like work. Yes, I’m still “working”, but now it feels easy and effortless–and amazingly success seems to happen automatically.

I’m making it sound simple and that is because it is but getting to this new dimension was actually a huge transition. Looking back, there were several important things that helped me shift my approach to work and success.

First, I let go of the idea that things had to be a certain way or had to happen in a certain timeframe. I became unattached to how I thought about time in relation to my business. I let go of everything, all my goals, dreams, my ideas of what success was and gave up all hope that I would ever accomplish anything. Finally, I let go of my mind and which allowed me to get in tune with my heart.

As I made these shifts, I began to see the cultural identity that exists in business and in building a business that is all about hard work, persistence, determination. Almost everything that I have ever read or been taught about business, success, or growing a business was that ITS HARD. And you have to work hard to make it.

What I’ve subsequently discovered and want to share is that this is an old paradigm and no longer has to be your reality. The truth is that you can create and grow a successful business, have money, and create wealth from a place of relaxation and ease where things feel exciting and filled with promise. Once you shift into this paradigm, you’re no longer pursuing wealth–you’re allowing wealth to pursue you. The difficult part of this shift is that in order to shift the attraction of wealth you actually have to let go of it. And you can’t trick yourself either. You can’t tell yourself you are letting go of it only in the hope that it will start chasing you. This is one of the greatest paradoxes that exist. When you truly let go of it all and allow your heart to be your compass everything changes.

Because I now live in this place every day has become a new and wonderful adventure where I view my work as something I want to do rather than have to do. It is pretty amazing to work from this new space where your work becomes your play and life becomes a permanent vacation.

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  1. Hi Chris
    Love your philosophy. It is aligned with my life mission after being a wonder woman and having my body and soul shut down for a reinvention. I rebooted and my life is forever changed. I want to interview you and hear about your journey soon! I’m Connecting powerful role models for my shows. Life is good!
    Let’s connect xo
    Renee Piane
    International Love Designer (in reinvention phase 2)

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