Reconnecting the Heart and Balls – For men who want to fuck from the heart

You may already be familiar with the “I love you” practice I have shared in past posts. This is where to my own self I say the words “I love you”. As I really began to take on this practice of being my own source of love there were some unique ways in which I discovered loving myself that opened up greater freedom on the inside which has directly impacted how life responds to me. One of these ways is saying the words “I love you” to my genitals. What this has opened up for me on the inside as well as within my sexual relationships is quite profound.

This idea opened up to me through applying the I love you practice to different parts of my body when I would dry off when getting out of the shower. To each body part I would give an I love you or two as I dried it off. On a side note, I tend to give my feet lots of love and appreciation because I feel like they are one the most important yet easily forgotten about parts of the body.

One day the idea popped into my head one day to spend additional time saying “I love you” to my penis and balls because why not. My penis and balls love to receive. And as my own source of love I am here to love all of me exactly as I desire to be loved.

So here is the practice…

To my own penis and balls I say the words “I love you” over and over again. Not in a sexual way but in a way in which I am loving a part of my body.

When I first started to do this so much sadness came up for me. This sadness arose for several reasons. There was sexual shame that I was still carrying and also I realized how disconnected my heart had been to this part of my body. It was if there was two different parts of me, my genitals and my heart.

Even though I felt like I was a masterful lover I realized such a huge gap in how connected I was to this part of my own body. How good I thought I was in bed was different than how connected I felt to my own genitals. I could fuck someone and not have to feel connected to them yet I deeply desired connection.

Over time as I continued to do this I felt like I had restored the connection and relationship to this part of my body. In essence what this practice did was reconnected my heart to my balls and cleared any shame that I had been carrying around sexuality. I now feel so free in how I use the gift of my sex and sexual energy. I feel I have discovered how to give this gift in a way that honors myself and the person I am with.

As I have loved my own penis and balls so deeply it has enabled me that when I am with a sexual partner to offer this as a gift to them. It is a profound gift and experience to be able to love my partner’s genitals as deeply as I have loved my own. In a future post I will share some of the things I have said to my to my sexual partners privates. The impact and the depth of intimacy that is created through this is profound.

Why not give it a try? Take a few moments to love say some “I love yous” to your cock and balls. Feel weird? Try starting with another part of your body. Can you say I love you to your hands and feet? How about saying I love you to other parts of your body? Once you get more comfortable with the idea of giving different parts of your body love come back to your privates and give it a try.

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  1. Thank You My Brother I just started to learn to open my heart and love my penis by telling my penis that I love him. I am very thankful for you sharing such healing words for all men.

  2. I am so appreciative of the Good that You are sharing with Men who need to open their hearts and minds and Love their penises the penis is ment for sharing Love the penis is the outward extension of a Mans heart ♥ to become one with whom You Love

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