Going Full Digital Living

Full Digital LivingSo there are all kinds of things that we have in our house and possession that weighs us down and keeps our lives cluttered and less mobile…




VHS Tapes… Pictures…

Over the past year I converted all of my CD’s and learning materials to digital and sold the physical items on craigslist.
What I had left was pictures, tapes and VHS tapes.

Mostly holding on for sentimental value. Like a VHS tape I recorded at a theme park with two friends pretending we were rock stars playing to one of our favorite rock songs.

So I did some research to see what would be the most effective way to get these to digital format. You can purchase machines around $150 that hook to your PC…

…or you can send them away and have them converted. My time is more valuable than to sit and convert them myself and plus I don’t want another piece of electronic equipment, that would just be more stuff.

So I found a great service at Memories to Digital

They have the most competitive prices and physical locations too… cool!

After today I will have no more physical media and be fully digital.

I put up an online play center to play all of my personal videos…

…really cool

This will serve as my digital hub for sharing memories with my friends and family and give me the mobility that I want!

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