Bringing an End to the War against……

So often in life with nonprofits and government I hear words like….The war against drugs, the war against terrorism, and the fight against human trafficking. When I see things like this I know there will never be an end to it because what I see is that fighting and war only create more of the […]

The Value Of Understanding Earnings Per Click (EPC)

Earnings Per Click (EPC) is a critical marketing metric for almost any company in existence. Understanding what EPC is and how to calculate it can reveal how much (or how little) impact your products are making in the marketplace and what kind of earning potential you can expect in the short- and long-term. As part […]

Way Beyond Marketing

Automating your sales and marketing using InfusionSoft systems has some obvious benefits. One that can get overlooked is also managing your internal staff and outsourced team… Jeremy Shapiro shared his wealth of knowledge about how you can get the most out of your InfusionSoft application which we are going to be sharing with YOU… If […]

Mastering Your Leadsource

Mastering your leadsource is for those of you that want to optimize your profit margins and make wise decisions about lead generation… My team and I created a system that allows for us to know where our leads come from – giving us information that allows for us to know where to focus our efforts […]

Accountability And Integrity | Creating A Culture of Execution – Part I

Accountability… The Critical Element Accountability is something that ought to be taught in school. Most people want to be held accountable however most people don’t really know how to hold someone accountable. When it comes to working in a virtual environment… ask yourself, “How important is accountability in the day to day process of my […]

Developing A Culture Of Execution | Creating A Culture of Execution – Part 2

Accountability And Integrity In A Virtual Environment Accountability and integrity are key elements if you want to develop a culture of execution. Our team operates at a very high level of accountability and integrity. Most business fail to create systems that allow for maximum effectiveness amongst all team members… especially in a virtual environment.

Advice For The Information-Age Entrepreneur

The key to success in the information age is how quickly you can receive, process, and act upon information. – Chris Wise Being an entrepreneur has always had its challenges, but entrepreneurship in the information age requires some very particular knowledge that, if you master it, can have many positive impacts on your success. This […]