Going Deeper…..

Below is a visual of what came to me in my meditation this morning around these concepts of connection with self, following my intuition, and maintaining daily habits. Over the past several years circumstances out of my control have cleared from my life things that we in the way of me reaching my highest potential. […]

Accountability And Integrity | Creating A Culture of Execution – Part I

Accountability… The Critical Element Accountability is something that ought to be taught in school. Most people want to be held accountable however most people don’t really know how to hold someone accountable. When it comes to working in a virtual environment… ask yourself, “How important is accountability in the day to day process of my […]

Developing A Culture Of Execution | Creating A Culture of Execution – Part 2

Accountability And Integrity In A Virtual Environment Accountability and integrity are key elements if you want to develop a culture of execution. Our team operates at a very high level of accountability and integrity. Most business fail to create systems that allow for maximum effectiveness amongst all team members… especially in a virtual environment.