To me that is a silly question. Why would you need to believe in something that you actively experience and know is true?

Now if you were in space without an active experience of gravity but perhaps had heard about it from someone who lived on earth or read about it in a book or maybe briefly experienced it that would be more of an understandable question.

You don’t have to believe in something that you know is true or have a direct relationship with or actively experience.

Do you believe in God? It is a question that I am asked often enough to share my perception on the matter.

Belief is no longer necessary when God is known. Belief is a step toward knowing but not rooted in knowing. Because the way I see it is, why do you need to believe if you know and have an active experience of God.

Whenever someone asks me if I believe in God I get a glimpse into where their relationship is at with God.

Gravity is.
God is.

So No, I don’t believe in God. I know God as I AM.

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