Below is a visual of what came to me in my meditation this morning around these concepts of connection with self, following my intuition and maintaining daily habits.

Over the past several years circumstances out of my control have cleared from my life things that we in the way of me reaching my highest potential. Over the past month life has brought me circumstances that has guided me to go even deeper within myself. Solidifying the foundation that was started by rooting even deeper into all that I have realized myself to be and all that I know that I am. Life is guiding me to ground and anchor so deeply into my true divine nature that no matter what occurs externally it does not take me out of grounding into this source of being.

As I have grounded into this source of being it has enabled me to become more consistent with my daily habits. My daily habits lead to building what I desire to create.

As I have grounding into this source of being it has enabled me to have the strength and courage to more consistently follow my highest intuitive guidance. Following my highest intuitive guidance allows me to bring about all that I desire in the most complete and fulfilling way.

As I go deeper with this relationship with source, my inner child, myself (all synonymous in this case) I can feel an unmovable, unshakable and undeniable presence come forward.

To create great things it requires to do things that feel hard on a consistent basis. My path, which is different that it has been in the past, is how kind and loving can I be to myself as I go about doing things that feel hard. What I am seeing is that as I take on things that feel hard to do it becomes even more important to spend time with my inner child asking myself “What do you need from me right now?” And feeling the response of “This. What you are doing right now. Giving me your loving attention.”

I can feel a healthy balance being created guided by my intuition and intention. The balance of doing what feels hard so that I can bring forward all that I desire and consistently loving myself through the process.

What I am discovering is how amazing it feels and how with the most conscious approach, I can have it all.


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