32 Wise Points

32 Wise Points

Here are 32 inspiring, though-provoking and perhaps life-changing thoughts that I’ve compiled in the past ten years from my mentors, things I’ve read, and my own life experiences. I hope you find them as motivating and stimulating as I have!

1. Time – The only moment that we have is right now. The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. The only thing that we have is now, and now, and now…

2. Every moment that passes is another chance to turn it all around.

3. Context exists in time.

4. Without time, context isn’t needed because all that exists without time is everything and nothing.

5. All that exists in time is what is, and context determines what is. When you change your context, you change what is. And you can change your context at any moment.

6. Dualism – We live in a dualistic universe: good/evil, right/wrong, good/bad.

7. We live in a world full of paradoxes. Find the paradoxes and embrace them.

8. Morality – Here’s some good news: It’s all made up. Everything your parents and/or society have told you about right and wrong, somebody made up. You and most people live their life based on what somebody else–some entity, some person, some friend–has told you of what is right and wrong. Realize that and know it’s all made up.

9. Health – Here’s a paradox in the health mindset: Live as if you’re only going to live for six months and also live as if you’re going to live to be 120.

10. Sexual Energy – Women, this is for you. Your biggest block for having the things you want is trust. Trusting the universe, trusting the masculine. Your lack of trust prevents you from opening into your full beauty that you are. Your lack of trust prevents you from receiving all that you desire.

11. Men: Develop the depth of your presence, developing your ability to give your presence as a gift.

12. Have lots of sex!

13. Relationship Models – Marriage is not the only way to relate to someone in a romantic way.

14. There are four principles you can use to create any type of relationship model that you want:
• We live in a world of possibility where anything is possible.
• Know how to fully meet your partner’s needs.
• Integrity is what makes things work.
• Communication is what enables integrity to work.

15. Results – You will know how effective you are being in life by the physical and emotional results you are getting.

16. Let your results guide you.

17. There is no “secret sauce” or one thing that you will do that will make all the difference.

18. It’s all the little things you do step by step that increment into creating what you want to create.

19. What good is happiness without results or without creating value?

20. What value is there in results without satisfaction?

21. Surrender – With persistence, you can overcome any obstacle.

22. Surrendering can be a more powerful path than not giving up.

23. Wisdom will help you decide the right choice: persisting or surrendering.

24. Success – In the age to come, your greatest factor for success will be how fast you can intake, process and act on information.

25. Innovate instead of litigate.

26. Learning – Be a life-long learner.

27. Wisdom – Pursue it.

28. Truth exists. (Truth with a capital T.)

29. Truth is relative in the context of time.

30. Love – Love in breadth. Everything else is just a distraction.

31. Who you really are is openness as love.

32. A wise man once told me: It’s never wise to say you’re wise even if you happened to be named so.

Let me know if any of these spoke to you in a particular way and what changes have happened as a result!

Chris Wise

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