Mastering Your Leadsource

Mastering your leadsource is for those of you that want to optimize your profit margins and make wise decisions about lead generation… My team and I created a system that allows for us to know where our leads come from – giving us information that allows for us to know where to focus our efforts […]

Joint Venture Webinar Mastery

Webinars: Behind The Scenes When it comes to webinars, there is a lot more to it then just showing up the day of the webinar and having it be successful… Most people really have no process in place to make sure that their webinar is going to be something that those in attendance will feel […]

Creating An Internal Training Platform

Team Training In A Virtual Environment We have put together our own internal processes and can be used in your business model… …whether you are an information marketer or a more traditional business selling information These processes can help you grow your business…

How To Find A Joint Venture Coordinator And Maximize Hosting Webinars

So You’re Looking For A Coordinator In this post, I am going to share with you the exact way that we went about finding our joint venture coordinator to work with us in our virtual environment. If you want to maximize your profits doing live events and webinars, then you need an excellent JV coordinator. […]

Accountability And Integrity | Creating A Culture of Execution – Part I

Accountability… The Critical Element Accountability is something that ought to be taught in school. Most people want to be held accountable however most people don’t really know how to hold someone accountable. When it comes to working in a virtual environment… ask yourself, “How important is accountability in the day to day process of my […]