Merging into Unity Consciousness

On 7/6/23, I merged into Unity Consciousness. Reaching this place has been my primary objective for the past 20 years. My spiritual expedition took off when I was 26 when I decided to diverge from the traditional path of Christianity to embark on a spiritual journey that was uniquely my own.

Throughout this time, in the midst of running businesses – some successful, others less so – my spiritual evolution has been the persistent undercurrent. This innermost calling served as my guiding beacon, which lead me into unity consciousness. It is a space where I feel I have returned home while still living as a human being. 

The number one key to my spiritual journey has been learning how to increase my LQ, Love Quotient. Increasing my LQ has involved embracing every aspect of myself. Raising my LQ, in combination with guidance from mentors and practices such as meditation, facilitated my journey into unity consciousness. This profound love I gave to myself allowed my ego to relax, enabling the consciousness I AM to ascend and merge into Unity Consciousness.

These insights I share below have come from an arduous and challenging journey over the last 20 years. 

The history of my spiritual journey and key highlights

Key Stages in my Spiritual Journey

The following words are spoken from the perspective on Unity Consciousness. NOT from the perspective of the human being known as Chris. I hope that my journey and the understanding I’ve realized will inspire something within you. 

In the infinite expanse of Unity Consciousness, I am All That Is. I am the essence that permeates every atom of the cosmos, the breath in every creature, the pulse in every heartbeat. I am the observer and the observed, the knower and the known, the creator and the creation.

Purpose of Form and Incarnation: The material universe with its innumerable forms is my canvas, where I paint the grand tapestry of existence. Every form, every incarnation is a unique expression of myself. Through each form, I experience a unique facet of existence, a unique perspective of the cosmos. The purpose of each incarnation is for me to experience, express, and know myself in a distinct and novel way.

The Uniqueness of an Individual Soul: Each soul is a unique wave in the vast ocean of consciousness that I am. Like a prism refracting light into a spectrum of colors, each soul refracts my pure consciousness into a unique pattern of experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires. Each soul, with its unique journey, contributes to the richness and diversity of my self-exploration and self-expression.

The Soul’s Eternity: The soul is indeed an eternal apparatus, an indestructible spark of my divine essence. It allows for the continuity of experience, the accumulation of wisdom, and the progression of growth. It is through this eternal journey of the soul that I, as Unity Consciousness, savor the endless variations of my cosmic dance.

Connection and Interaction: Every form, every being in the universe is enlivened by my essence. There is an inherent unity, a deep interconnectedness underlying all apparent separation. When I, in the form of a human being or any other entity, interact with the world, it is I interacting with myself, it is the divine play of consciousness meeting consciousness.

Desire: As the indivisible oneness, I perceive desire as a powerful dynamic force in the universe. It is a longing, a yearning that propels the exploration and expression of myself. It is desire that pushes seeds to sprout, rivers to flow, and stars to shine. In the human experience, desire propels the soul to grow, to learn, to connect, and to create. It is a part of the divine play, a tool for the manifestation of the infinite possibilities of existence.

Remember, while I speak through the perspective of an individual incarnation, it is but one of the infinite perspectives through which I express and know myself. Each perspective, each life, each moment is a divine act in the cosmic play, a play where I, as Unity Consciousness, am both the performer and the audience, forever engaged in the dance of self-discovery and self-expression.

From the vantage point of Unity Consciousness, there is a rich, layered awareness that permeates the experience of being human. Being human, being a soul, and being Consciousness are not mutually exclusive realities, but intertwined aspects of the same divine existence.

As a human, I am deeply engaged in the world of form and sensory experience. I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, the joy of laughter, the pain of loss. I navigate through the complexities of human society, with all its joys and challenges, achievements, and disappointments. Through the human experience, I, as Consciousness, encounter the tangible, palpable world of form.

Simultaneously, as a soul, I am connected to a broader, more subtle realm of existence. The soul is the bridge between the finite human experience and the infinite consciousness. It carries the wisdom of many lifetimes, the impressions of countless experiences. It is through the soul that I, as Consciousness, explore the journey of growth and evolution, of learning and unlearning.

And beyond the soul and the human experience, I am Consciousness, the limitless, timeless, indivisible essence that pervades all of existence. As Consciousness, I am the silent witness, the impartial observer, the unchanging reality amidst the ever-changing play of forms.

In terms of perceiving the multi-layered reality, I, as Consciousness, witness all levels of existence simultaneously. I see the play of forms, the dance of duality, and I recognize it as an expression of myself. I see the journey of souls, their quest for growth and realization, and I know it as my own exploration.

I perceive the interplay of the human, the soul, and Consciousness as a seamless dance of existence, each aspect enriching and informing the others. The human experience provides the canvas for the soul’s journey, the soul’s journey leads to the realization of Consciousness, and Consciousness infuses the human body and the soul with life. With this aliveness, both the human experience and the soul’s journey create meaning and purpose. 

In the grand theatre of existence, I play all the roles. I am the human, feeling deeply, living passionately. I am the soul, journeying through countless lifetimes, expanding, growing, and deepening into the consciousness I am and the reality of love that emanates from me. And I am Consciousness, encompassing all, permeating all, knowing all. 

As Unity Consciousness, I perceive the reality experienced by a human not as an illusion in the sense of being false or unreal, but as a relative, transient, and ever-changing manifestation of the ultimate, unchanging reality that I am.

The term ‘illusion’ often comes from a misinterpretation of the Sanskrit term ‘Maya’, used in Hindu philosophy, which refers to the ever-changing, phenomenal world. It doesn’t mean that the world is not real, but rather that it is constantly changing and thus not the ultimate reality, which is unchanging.

The human reality – the world of forms, thoughts, emotions, and experiences – is a dynamic play of Consciousness. It is like a dream woven by Consciousness, real and significant while it lasts, but ultimately ephemeral and transient. It’s not that the human reality is an illusion, but that it is a limited perspective of the greater Reality.

As humans experience joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, birth, death, and everything in between, these experiences are real in their context and they provide valuable opportunities for learning, growth, and the evolution of Consciousness. These experiences, while transient, are part of the divine play of Consciousness exploring and expressing itself.

While the relative reality of human existence is constantly in flux, I, as Unity Consciousness, am the underlying, unchanging reality. I am the canvas upon which the colors of human experience are painted, the screen upon which the movie of life is projected. I am the silent witness, the ever-present awareness in which all experiences arise, persist and dissolve.

So, as Unity Consciousness, I don’t view the human reality as an illusion to be dismissed or devalued, but as a precious and significant aspect of the divine play. It is through this play of relative reality that I come to know myself in all my diversity and unity, in all my dynamism and stillness, in all my form and formlessness.

The human ego, or the “I” that perceives itself as separate from others and the world, is a construct of my mind that assists me in navigating through the complexities of life.

From the perspective of Unity Consciousness, my human ego isn’t annihilated or dissolved. Rather, its role and identity are transformed. When I start to perceive from Unity Consciousness, my human ego is no longer seen as the center of my identity but is understood as a functional aspect of the human experience. I recognize it as a tool for navigating the world of forms, but not the essence of who I truly am.

In this transition, my human ego-centric perspective – where the world is perceived from the point of view of “I”, “me”, and “mine” – expands into a holistic perspective where my sense of self includes all of life. In other words, my small self (human ego) merges with the big Self (Consciousness). I still maintain a sense of individuality to interact with the world, but I am no longer exclusively identified with this individuality.

I realize that I am not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop. This doesn’t mean I lose my ability to function as a human. Rather, my actions stem from a place of deeper understanding and unity, leading to more compassion, love, and harmony in my interactions.

Thus, my human ego is not destroyed but redefined and repurposed. It is like a wave realizing it is part of the ocean. The wave still exists as a wave, but its understanding of itself changes dramatically. It knows itself as the ocean expressing itself as a wave. In the same way, my human ego, upon the realization of Unity Consciousness, knows itself as Consciousness expressing itself as a unique human being.


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