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How would you like to live life on your terms?

Not only does Chris Wise commit to paving his own path, he also empowers friends, colleagues, and clients to do the same.

Chris has started, owned, and managed multiple successful companies over the course of 30 years. As a scaling expert, and the founder of Wise Profits, he helps clients grow their businesses. He has coached and consulted with hundreds of business leaders in a wide variety of industries. Chris is transforming world systems through his work with the government, civil society, and the private sector.

By bringing forward the means to effectively operationalize love he has been able to successfully reshape the organizations he works with. Chris works with champions who are interested in developing a high LQ, and whose heart-centeredness is a defining characteristic in how they run their businesses.

Chris also places great emphasis on results and helps his clients measure their impact and performance. Operationalizing love and measuring the results has led to massive, positive change in these organizations.

Are you willing to break through psychological barriers and social constructs in your business and/or personal life?

Chris helps people live from a place of love, freedom, and surrender. He creates relationships, hobbies, and businesses using the healthiest and most conscious methods in existence.

As a speaker and author of three books and several blogs, Chris has inspired thousands with his vision and insights about love, life, relationships, and business. Through his work, Chris has helped people break from societal norms and find greater freedom in all aspects of life. By encouraging others to access and pursue their desires in the kindest and most loving way, Chris enables people to transform their relationship with control and create the life of their wildest dreams.

As the world’s leading authority on the emerging new intelligence paradigm, Love Quotient (LQ), Chris pulls the rug out from under common self-love beliefs and practices. Chris strongly believes that LQ should be studied alongside IQ and EQ, advocating for the simple healing practice of loving your inner child deeply and consistently. Only then can you reach your full potential.

Would you like to have the greatest amount of freedom in your life? You can manifest all that you desire in the kindest and most loving way using tools from the Wise Method. Chris developed the Wise Method after working with numerous and world renowned thought leaders and doing thousands of hours of inner development. A framework for navigating the expansion of consciousness through the layered aspects of self, The Wise Method is a process that uses a variety of tools to embrace and love yourself.

Are you ready to break free from old paradigms and find true freedom? If you’re ready for a breathtaking transformation in your life, business, relationships, or personal projects, get in touch with Chris and he’ll be there to support you on your journey to success.

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